Alligator:Go! is a festival for experimental music and art. More than 30 musicians and artists from Munich and other places, cities and countries, that are already connected online, will come together offline for the very first time. From 13th till 15th of August the IMPORT EXPORT’s open air stage offers space for improvised music: electronic music is reinterpreted with medical meters, dulcimer and cello, queer dream-pop and contemporary vocal performance mix up the raucous noise mantra.

Professional musicians and artists who are not tired of learning an experimenting meet up with sound lovers who have just discovered playing and producing together.

The Alligator:Go! festival invites to look beyond one’s own borders and to explore different forms of collectivity and community. What about unlearning daily routines and trying other ways of encounter?

The festival’s programm is full of sonic adventures and there will also be space for visual art. Right next to the IMPORT EXPORT’s open air stage, there will be space for video and sound art installations at the MUCCA hall. not yet from the Munich based group TAM TAM Projekte prepares a modular spatial installation in collaboration with Klaus Erika Dietl and Stephanie Müller from MEDIENDIENST LEISTUNGSHÖLLE: over the course of the festival, it will become a shell for self-built music, a repository for sketchy sound notes, a projection surface for visuals and a streaming interface.

Throughout the festival the artists also want to connect with the surrounding neighbourhoods. Cinema enthusiasts are invited to join a silent pocket cinema walk on Friday the 13th of August (start: 11 pm/ meeting point: festival space). On Saturday the 14th of August people can take part in a sound walk with performances in different public spaces. More information and the possibility to preregister can be found here.

Although there is a huge lust for finally meeting face to face again, the Alligator:Go! Festival still keeps the online space in mind. There will be audiovisual contributions by muscians and artists who live far away in Indonesia and Japan. Furthermore all sound sessions will be streamed live by the Berlin based project and production space Orange ‚Ear. So people who can’t be in Munich can still dive into the sonic spheres of the ALLIGATOR GOZAIMASU collective.

We’d like to create a space where solidarity comes first and everyone can have a good time. Therefore, we do not tolerate any form of racism, sexism, anti-Semitism or any other form of discrimination or harassment at this event. Together we want to create a space where everyone can feel accepted and respected – no matter what gender identity, skin color, religion, ethnicity or ability. By purchasing a ticket and entering the venue, you agree to our code of conduct. Any violation of the code of conduct will be punished and may lead to exclusion from the event. The ticket price will not be refunded in this case. The code of conduct can be found here. To ensure that all guests and participants can feel comfortable, the non-profit agency Safe the Dance provides a comprehensive safer space policy.

Streaming Timetable below

Friday, Aug. 13th.

7.00pm/Session One/ OPEN AIR stage, IMPORT EXPORT

  • Masako Ohta (Taishogoto – Japanese harp-like synthesizer, piano) – masako-ohta.de
  • Sebastian Giussani (analogue modular synthesizer, percussion) – giussani.de

8.00pm/Session Two/ OPEN AIR stage, IMPORT EXPORT

9:15pm/Session Three/ OPEN AIR stage, IMPORT EXPORT

Saturday,  Aug. 14th.

2.00pm till 5.30pm/ Sound Walk, Public Space

Space 1

Space 2

  • Martin Krejci aka Institiut für Leistungsabfall und Kontemplation (electronics, noise) – h-krejci-m.de
  • Djibril Mbow (djembe) – meet him at the festival space or somewhere nearby

Space 3

7.00pm/Session One/ OPEN AIR stage, IMPORT EXPORT

08.00pm/Session Two/ OPEN AIR stage, IMPORT EXPORT

09.15pm/Session Three/ OPEN AIR stage, IMPORT EXPORT

Sunday, Aug. 15th.

02.00pm/Session One/ OPEN AIR stage, IMPORT EXPORT

06.00pm/Session Two/ OPEN AIR stage, IMPORT EXPORT

07:30/Session Three/ EXHIBITION space, MUCCA